Mark Making in Space

with Printmaker Rosie Handley

Working in collaboration, Installation artist Charlotte Maishman and Printmaker Rosie Handley created a space using gestures in their respective mediums: paring my light, animation and sculpture with drawing and printing.

Ecology and the interconnectedness of humans and nature inspired their desire to mix the natural and technological sublime in this environment. Playing between man-made and nature, static and the moving, ephemeral and permanent. Maishman's conversion of Handley's 2D print into 3D projection mapped light in tern created natural refraction of the plains of ceramic and steel. This symbiotic dialogue between mediums works like an ecological system and allows for human interaction. Like nature, this space changes with the intervention of the spectator becoming a co-narrator. This co narrations is then a transformative experience through this intimate immersion.

Materials: Steel, Canvas, Porcelain, Projection-mapped animation, Screen Prints