The Fragility of Structure:

Body and Mind

Charlotte Maishman explores our collective commonality as flesh and bone, displaying our fragility and strength using sculpture, photography, and projection.

As a visual artist, I handle pressure points of materials to understand their eccentricities. Porcelain became the material to personify ‘mankind’. Built of more than its nature, but of all its experiences, holding memory in its plasticity. Brittle, yet incredibly strong, a complex contradiction beyond initial recognition. My process for connecting and capturing the performer, like with my materials, is made through investigation, allowing me to understand and respect areas of resistance and raw vulnerability.

This exhibition, "The Fragility of Structure: Body and Mind," includes photography, silk prints, projection, and a book. Alongside a sculpted house made from extruded porcelain and steel bolts, suspended in a steel cube. As well as being the weight of an average body, it can be seen as a symbol of home, the beginning of our gathered experiences.

"The poetics of space" is the bedrock for my study of space, both architecturally and metaphorically with the 'interior' mind. Underlying my use of cross-cultural symbolism, scale, suspension, tension, and contextualisation of the ‘interior' and 'MA' (the spirit of spaces) in the overall composition.

I am drawn to this area of inquiry through a desire to invite empathy and attention to our collective nature as strong, but also fragile. As we endure in this journey we are all tentative, crumbling clay, made of flesh and bone, built of positives, negatives, and many unknowns, all deserving exploration beyond first appearance.

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Porcelain records every movement of thinking, every change of thought

Made by binding the soft flesh of Pentuse, with the brittle bones of Kaolin clay

Through construction it holds trace, Influenced by all its experiences

As the extruder births the clay into form

Many scar and warp

Those with too much trauma

Over time



Those that survive, move in tension

From foundation, through fire, and on

To collate, bolt after bolt

Into a rhythmical mass of sonorous plains

Now a husk, where we are all found

Come closer

To know the cuts, curled edges, hidden traces beneath the glaze

Search beyond bold builds

See more than the nicks on each knuckle

Find that all our bones are brittle

Hold weight, until they crack